Find out which areas of your facility most influence the perceptions of your visitors.

We will work with you to create blueprints identifying front of house needs.

Prioritized renovations are completed first.

Back of house needs are identified to be completed when budgetary requirements are met.


We created these programs to renovate rooms in as little as days as you cycle tenants or if they are out for the day.

We have product specifications custom built for multifamily properties, college dormitories or senior living facilities.

Strategic budgeting for room turns saves owners money by switching out rooms as NEEDED to ensure maximum return on investment.


No more wasting time packing up your desks as your facility undergoes renovation.

As your out of the office for the night, we send in installers that use patented furniture and cubicle lift systems to transform your facility while all of your belongings stay intact.

No downtime = more profit for your business to grow.


When you are specifying products for a large project, multiple facilities or a specialty space, poor planning can lead to serious financial loss.

Interfinish works with you to adhere to your budget by setting up purchasing programs to avoid unnecessary costs and specifying products designed to reach their life expectancy depending on the space.


We cannot emphasize the importance enough in providing high quality products and strong price points for our clients.  

Our experience in this field has provided us invaluable information about our clients and the importance of being good financial stewards. 

We can assist you and your team in selecting products that provide high performance characteristics without stretching your budget. 


At any interval of time that you wish, our highly trained service experts will travel to your facility in order to walk with you and evaluate your space providing solutions for improvement as well as recording any special requests that you may have for our upcoming cleanings.

These evaluations can help you improve facility functionality and safety.


Interfinish offers a comprehensive offering on the Ohio State Term Schedule.  Our offering includes procurement and installation of:

  • Carpet
  • Hard surface flooring
  • Specialty materials
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Refinishing


Interfinish has corporate offices in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Our network of offices in conjunction with our national partners allow us to provide services to all corporations across the country.

Retailers utilize our services on a national level in order to drive cost savings and reduce time wasted dealing with multiple companies.


At Interfinish we understand the importance of providing products and services in an environment that prides itself on safety for employees, staff, students and anyone else that enters your space.

Our team will work with you to ensure we are using the highest quality preparation materials, adhesives, chemistry, equipment and products that provide the smallest impact on your environment.


Innovation and science are ever changing in things like the healthcare industry and so are your interior finishes.

Interfinish can help you select the newest types of non-wax floor finishes, EPA approved broad spectrum hospital disinfectants, no and low VOC paints, and specialty products that provide built in anti-microbial properties.